Halle Berry: Kickboxing Workout

Just weeks after giving birth to daughter Nahla, according to everyday health this James Bond girl and X-Men star got back into shape with an hour-long workout five days a week. Her strength training exercise program included abdominal and leg exercises. During each workout, she also performed three cardio segments that consisted of elliptical work, kickboxing, and either stairs or a hill climb. In addition to increasing strength, kickboxing workouts can also burn up to 450 calories per hour for the average woman. Try this basic front-kick move: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and pull your right leg toward your chest, then point your knee toward an imaginary target and kick out with the ball of your foot. Repeat with the other leg.


Demi Moore: Bikram Yoga

Demi Moore recently revealed a new addition to her fitness routine: Bikram yoga, a form of yoga performed in a room that’s at least 105 degrees. This yoga is intense postures that will also make you sweat.  Talk to your doctor before trying this program because pregnant women or individuals with high blood pressure might not be able to do these for safety reasons.


Hilary Swank: Pull-Ups

This actress is best known for her Oscar-winning roles in Million Dollar Baby andBoys Don’t Cry. To get in shape to play a boxer in Million Dollar Baby, Swank’s workout involved two hours of boxing practice every day.  The amazing routine and body she got from training for these films really showcased a true athlete and fitstyle woman of today.  One thing about pullups is cross your leggs so that you are stable and use more of your core to complete it.


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